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Our Story

In this unprecedented period of disruption, we, like so many others, found our educational and career paths unexpectedly interrupted. We are no strangers to the ramifications of the present situation: with our study trips indefinitely postponed, and our classes hastily moved online, all our hard work towards our qualifications was suddenly thrown into question. Our thoughts quickly turned to those students whose educational development was in danger of being stunted by this global crisis.

Eager to learn from the shortcomings of online educational services offered by schools and provide a service that truly caters to a new medium of learning, we created ‘A Step Ahead Mentors’.

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Oxbridge Style Teaching

For years, Oxford and Cambridge have taught their students primarily through small group sessions called ‘Tutorials’ or ‘Supervisions’. In our experience, we believe this style of teaching to be one of the most effective means of stimulating vigorous academic debate and developing the cognitive skills necessary to thrive. In limiting our class size to three, we offer our students the chance to experience and benefit from this unique and beneficial form of learning.

Inspiring Mentors

All our Mentors have been selected based on their ability to engage a class and have received training in online tuition. Our Mentors are primarily students and recent graduates from Oxford and Cambridge, and therefore understand the challenges and concerns facing many students. They are passionate about seeing each student fulfill their potential and achieve their educational aspirations.

Personalised Learning

Our Mentors are dedicated to giving each student the individualised attention they need to develop and thrive. Through personalised homework and feedback, our Mentors will create a programme of learning that caters to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student.

Fostering Good Habits

This summer term, students will be flooded with their core curriculum via online school platforms. We firmly believe that this information is only as useful as the student’s ability to assimilate it effectively. Therefore, we will be focusing on improving the core skills needed for success in examinations, embedding good techniques and efficient study habits into each student's learning process.

Championing Talent

We understand our programmes may not be able to reach all the affected students in the UK. To offset this problem and ensure that every bright young mind receives the education they deserve in these difficult times, we will be redirecting 20% of our proceeds into UK-based educational initiatives. The pandemic we face is no-one’s fault, and no young person should be left disadvantaged as a result of it.





Oliver attended Radley College before graduating from Somerville College, Oxford, with First Class Honours in Ancient and Modern History in 2019. Having successfully obtained a Training Contract with a Magic Circle Law Firm, he is currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Law. Oliver co-founded ‘A Step Ahead Mentors’ to help address the pressing educational needs of displaced students.




Harry attended Maidstone Grammar School before graduating in History from Worcester College, Oxford, in 2019. After specialising in Chinese Art History at Oxford, Harry is now a Senior Associate of Chinese Art Research at an art fund based in Hong Kong and is training in Mandarin at the LSE. Having worked with clients from China, the UK, and the USA, Harry brings years of experience as a tutor and bespoke educational consultant to ‘A Step Ahead Mentors’ as a co-founder.

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